I am now coming up on the year anniversary of my college graduation. I have a fantastically sweet boy/man, a supremely lax place of employment, prime couldn’t-live-without-them-or-even-find-my-purse pals, a really affectionate family whom I give thick Yiddishy-NewYorker-esq accents when repeating things they say- and very little life direction (until now).  While most of my peers are concentrating on their admirable career ambitions, I have less of a clear idea for what I want to do for a JOB… and that is okay with me. I realized my  real goal- what I actually care about being- is to be a slightly better version of myself. It seems really simple but I’d like to be the kind of person who remembers birthdays, reads the books she buys, actually uses her gym membership, and can cook without the guests assuming I will accidentally poison them.



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