The Perfect Planner!


I have the WORST memory. Normally by 4pm I can’t recall what I had for lunch that day or exactly who I am supposed to be seeing after work. I thought that was all good and fun until I missed my cousins 70 35th birthday (and, funny enough, I was just reminded that I supposed to be in Oakland right now). So, despite having an iPhone and a computer, I have decided to go back to the paper agenda because, lets be real, its way better. Once I made the decision to “de-tech” my schedule I thought it would be really easy to find what I was looking for, and I can not TELL you how wrong I was. There are SO many planners at Target, Office Depot and Staples but they really are all basically the same: one month a couple weeks (or days) than the next month which leads to endless flipping, page markers and other things I find annoying (like tacky covers). I decided to hit the streets for inspiration  search Pinterest for DIY planners that folks had made with a Cricut (my new electronic-cutting-crafting-DREAM machine). I didn’t find any, but I DID find an amazing planner construction that allows you to see both the month and current week at the same time (found here). After even MORE planner hunting I found inspiration from a Mommy blogger who had some planner printables on her site (found here).

All this aside, the planner came out sort-a “eh”, only because I got frustrated creating my own pages and decided to use the printable ones (which are still great). Other than my lack of originality this planner is PERFECT! I love how the monthly page opens into a folder that hides the past weeks! Now if I could only remember to actually write things in it…

Unlike the women who’s blogs I used to create this planner, mine cost me almost $50 to have made at Office Depot. I don’t have a home printer so I printed a few original pages and had them make the other copies at the store. Be warned: It costs 10 cents more to have Office Depot make the copies rather than you use their copy machines, I had no idea. While they were making my copies I trimmed the folder down slightly with their paper cutter (more on the front cover since it needed to close into the notebook without hitting the binding). The front and back covers were mare with a manilla folder that I completely butchered. I would suggest cutting down something a little bit more sturdy if you want to do this your self. Toss on a little plastic sheet from Office Depot and a black binding and *POOF* the planner of my dreams (just a little bit less cute than I imagined). After I ad it for a few days I used some scrapbook paper scraps to make the cover more appealing.


One comment

  1. Shelby Grana

    Love it, I dont have much for my planner these day as an unemployed college grad but there nothing better than a new planner and writing in it for the first time!

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